"100" Lucky winners for Scratch and Win Contest

When Hyderabad Glittered with Gold

Me n Moms, the fastest growing homegrown retail chain for kids’ wear and accessories had kept the winner announcement event on 9th February, 2014 at City Centre Mall, Hyderabad, in order to announce the winners of the Scratch & Win Contest which was held from 16th December 2013 to 12th January, 2014.

The event was to announce the 100 lucky winners of the Scratch & Win Contest and each winner was to win Gold Coin. There were various fun-filled activities which were during the event which made the event lively, enjoyable and entertaining. The event saw the presence of people belonging to various age groups such as children, young adults and parents making the event successful. Some of the activities which were held at the event included children dancing to various tunes and also a game wherein the mother’s had to put a blind-fold on their eyes which derived a great degree of fun and excitement.

Also, apart from these fun activities, people were asked to try their luck by way of picking up coupon from the “Lucky Draw”, in order to determine whether they were the lucky ones to win Gold Coins or no.

On the whole, this event was full of glitter, fun, excitement, enjoyment and was all about spreading “Joy of Parenting” as it saw a huge turnout and was a runaway success.

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