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Baby Care during winters

As the mercury dips and the winter sets in, winter season has its own beauty and charm. The drops of dew fall on the green grass shine like pearls, flowers bloom in different colours, sun rises in golden shade, and all these make a very stunning sight.

Winter brings its own challenges for your kiddo. Baby skin is sensitive and susceptible to cold. You need to take special care to make sure your baby’s skin is not affected with cold. To keep your little one’s skin soft during the winter season, you require some additional care. It is very necessary to take right care during winters to prevent the harsh effect of cold on your tot’s skin.

Apart from taking care of the skin, you also need to pay attention to the care of baby's garments and bedding. Weather changes can bring on infections. These can be tough on your baby's developing immune system. You can do a few simple things to keep her safe from infections.

Here are some simple tips and guidelines that can help you take care of your baby in a better way this winter.

  • Keep the baby covered: Babies cannot regulate their own body temperature and tend to lose body heat rapidly through hands, feet and head. Hence, it’s very important to keep these parts covered. Use socks/booties for feet, mittens for hands and a cap for the head and ears.
  • Protect their skin: Your child’s skin is extra sensitive, so when the temperature plunges, their skin needs additional protection. Their cheeks will get dry and start chapping. Always leave on a thin layer of moisturizer on their skin and thicken it when heading out. You can also add a few drops of olive oil/baby oil in their bath water. This will keep their skin nourished at all times.
  • Clothes: Go for clothing made from warm materials like wool, flannel, fleece, hosiery and so on. Mittens and booties will keep your baby's hands and feet warm. Body heat can be lost through the extremities, so keep your baby cosy by covering his head, hands and feet with woollen hats, gloves and socks.
  • Give massage: Massage your baby with soft hands before bath. You can use baby oil, olive oil, sesame seed oil for the same. Also, expose your baby to direct sunlight for 20-30 mins in the morning. Sun rays are good for the baby. Then give him a bath using warm water. Remember not to linger over the bath but to make it quick. Wipe baby’s body immediately and properly. And make sure to keep the room warm when you give bath to the newborn.
  • Keep infections at bay: Avoid frequent outing with the baby. Make sure he is well covered while going out. If anybody is suffering from cold and cough, keep them away from yourself and your baby to avoid any kind of infection.

During winter season, make sure your baby resides warm and dry. Employ above easy and simple to use tips to keep your baby healthy during the winter.

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