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International Women's Day!!!

Hello all Mee Mee mommies! It’s that time of the year when you all should be appreciated for your contribution towards all those things which has made the world a beautiful place to stay. It’s time to give you  the much needed respect for the courage and determination which you all have bestowed over a period of time by wishing you all “Happy Women’s Day”!

Women have come a long way in order to make a significant mark in society by making every relationship complete in her personal as well as professional life as a daughter, sister, wife, working professional and last but not the least as a mother. Of all the rights of a woman, the most special one is to be a mother. It takes a lot to be a mother as a mother gives her child the unconditional love with no expectations in return. A mother is the principal guiding force in order to give her child the best values, upbringing and principles. In today’s day and age mothers are not less than super-women as they have multiple responsibilities related to home, family and career which are to be handled simultaneously. The responsibilities related to family include looking after their parents, in-laws, give their husband the much-needed quality time and last but not the least giving the much-needed love and care to their child. Mothers also have responsibilities related to home such as the daily household chores which are to be done on a regular basis in order to ensure the smooth functioning of the household. Apart from home and family, today’s woman even post-marriage and after delivering a baby, believes in being independent, self-sufficient and self-reliant when it comes to her career in order to create her own identity. In spite of having to deal with multiple responsibilities related to home, family and career, today’s woman deals with these responsibilities happily with her smile on her face. It is because of such women that the world has become a happier place to stay.

8th March is celebrated as “International Women’s Day” we respect and encourage the determination of such women who fulfill every role in their personal as well as professional life.

  MeeMee salutes the spirit of all such women and wishes everyone “Happy Women’s Day.”

We would love to hear your experience of being “Proud Woman”!




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