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About Mee Mee

  • Is Mee Mee a new brand?
    We’ve been in the baby business for over 25 years. And just like it is with babies… there is always lots of scope even for us to grow, but also just like our (much) tinier counterparts, we’ve been avid explorers ever since we took our first step. So our products are the result of experience, curiosity, research and most importantly, the wisdom and insights that come from making our business our passion and a part of our lives.
  • What is Mee Mee?
    For over 2 decades, Me N Moms has been a brand synonymous with baby care and parenting in India. Passionate about providing international quality products and services for mothers, mother’s-to-be, infants and toddlers, we operate a chain of 90 specialty infant stores spread across India, located in the most popular malls and high streets. Mee Mee is Me n Moms’ very own brand and also the largest baby product brand in India with over 400 different kinds of products ranging from baby diapers to prams to breast pumps. Mee Mee is a leader in the 0-3 age-group categories and its products are distributed across 10000+ baby stores, chemists, hypermarkets PAN India.
  • Why should I buy from
    Buying baby products online on is literally a SMART choice for parents. Here’s why: Mee Mee products are certified by International Standards such as ASTM (American Standards for Testing & Materials), EN-71 (European Nations) Standards as well as Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS & ISI) and other relevant safety standards. All paints used in Mee Mee products are non-toxic, lead-free, and the edges of all products are soft and rounded, keeping the child’s safety in mind. Enriched with the goodness of Mother Nature, (Think aloe vera, chamomile, olive and more…), Mee Mee baby products are as gentle as a mother’s touch. No strong chemicals are used in any of our products. Instead we combine the old school wisdom of your mom or your grandmother with the best and latest innovations in science to nurture and protect you and your baby. Just as a loving mother would. We feel that every mom is as unique as her baby. So, our wide catalogue comprises 400 different kinds of products that offer something that’s perfect for every baby. And every parent. We believe that every mom should be able to give her baby the best. So while our products are aspirational, our prices are simply affordable.