Hello meemee

Yes, we are friends with all the mammas and papas.
But our best friends are the babies.

With baby products designed to be baby-friendly and parent-friendly, Mee Mee makes parenting hassle-free, stress-free and a lot of fun. From the time babies are born, we are here to help you take care of them, be by their side as they take their very first steps into the world and of course, play with them whenever we can. Our products are helpful, colourful, safe and a part of many homes in India. You too, should make Mee Mee a part of your home. We know you’ll love it!

We take the role of protecting you very seriously. That’s why we make sure all our products are of the best quality and are certified by Indian and International standards. But most importantly, we are certified by parents from all over the country. From multi-featured prams to narrow-necked nail clippers, from breathable diapers to mom-friendly breast pumps, every product of ours is made to help parents take better care of their bundles of joy.

Where we came from

In 1994, Mr. Naresh Khatar, M.D. and Founder, set up and established Me N Moms, a one stop shop for expecting mothers and new moms. A first generation entrepreneur, he built the company to assist the modern Indian parent while prioritising every baby’s comfort and development. Today, with over 50 outlets, Me N Moms has a prominent presence across India.

For Your Peace Of Mind

Born in 2006, Mee Mee is the company’s own line of baby products. We make our products extra special. With a little bit of science, a lot of love, and even more testing we make sure all our products are certified by the American Standards for Testing & Materials (ASTM), European Norms (EN) and the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS & ISI). It helps that parents from all over, love us.


With a network of 200 distributors, we supply to more than 3000 baby stores and chemists. Also available online, we make it easy for you to access our range of products. Always here to help, we’ve set up regional offices in every zone of India. That way, you can get in touch with us to help you, from wherever you are, whenever you want. As we grow, we promise to bring you and your baby the best care the world has to offer.